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Pressure is the word that strikes fear in many and is often interpreted as “stressful” and “lack of freedom”. It is also what makes people afraid to take risks. It is also what makes people take a step back and retreat into their little hole of darkness and fear.

Honestly, what I think? Pressure’s always there. It’s inevitable. It’s always in your head - trying to keep your eyes focused on one thing, success. And because of this, a majority, including myself, often blur out everything else around us. Things like family, friends, fun, freedom, love and most importantly, hope. 

Have you ever wondered why people say, “sometimes a little stress is good for you.” True enough, it is. But the question is, why?

Why do we have to be subjected to stress and fear? Why do we have to submit because of that?

Why must we only be driving towards our goal when fear strikes a chord in our hearts?

Why this?

Why not something else?

Why not faith?

Why not hope?

Why can’t we be geared up and ready for the battle with the sense of hope and faith embedded in our hearts? 

It’s normal to be pressured and to feel like you’re not good enough. In fact, it’s only normal to feel pressured and convicted once in a while. But if all of that is depriving you of your happiness, and the fundamental aspects of life - fun, love and freedom, don’t you think it’s not worth it? 

Of course it would motivate you. Of course it would help keep you going. But isn’t there more to life than just this? What’s the point of being operated by the fear of failing? It’s like your whole life, you’re just going to run away from all the possible calamities that may occur and continue to desperately hope for happiness. Does that make you feel safe?

My point being, yes, adequate amounts of stress is good. But one shouldn’t run their whole life base on this self-deprecating thought. Take some time, relax, have some time to do and think about the better things in life. Things that make you happy. Things that make you smile. Remember that God doesn’t want us to just endure life, He wants us to enjoy it too.   

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yea? self control is what i need but nope ur sympathy is not


bae caught me slippin
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bae caught me slippin

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Jack in 3D
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Jack in 3D

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